The Jade del Cameron Series: Exotic East Africa in the 1920s

Jambo! Come on safari with Jade to exotic Africa. Find mystery, romance, and adventure in the days of Isak Dinesen, Beryl Markham, and Denys Finch-Hatton.

The adventures of Jade and her friends are on hold for now at the 6th book - The Crocodile's Last Embrace. All books are available as trade paperback or e-book.

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"rip-roaring ... extra intrigue ... Jade, a female Indiana Jones with a touch of Elizabeth Peters's Amelia Peabody, and Biscuit, her campanion cheetah, make a vibrant duo." - Publisher's Weekly starred review

“dangerous intrigue … intense suspense … Do not miss this one.” - Library Journal (starred review)



After a brief sojourn in Europe, Jade returns to Kenya with bittersweet memories - as well as the certainty that Africa is her home and that Sam Featherstone is the man she wants to share her life. But soon she is haunted not only by the past but by a very present danger....

Jade hopes that a letter arriving from France is Sam sending word of his return. Instead it is a message written in the hand of her long-dead fiancé asking, "Why did you let me die?" Who would play such a cruel prank on Jade?

She sets aside these preoccupations when she witnesses a car go over the side of a bridge. At first Jade suspects the driver was killed for his share in a northern gold mine, but soon a second man dies, his body prey to a man-eating crocodile.

Are the murders part of a larger, more sinister scheme? Soon, the mysterious deaths - and the threatening letters - begin to form the most dangerous case Jade has ever faced, pitting her against a ferocious crocodile and an even more deadly and devious adversary, who is all too human.

"enormously fun ... exciting" - Romantic Times (4 Star)

"keeps the action coming and packs its evocative landscape with sharply drawn characters, especially the likable, unsinkable Jade." - Kirkus

“1920s Africa just blooms in this excellent series” - Poisoned Pen





In Book # 5 of the series, Jade ventures to Mount Kilimanjaro and literally reaches new heights of adventure.

Recruited by safari leader Harry Hascombe to be a "second", Jade joins a Hollywood film crew shooting a movie about the legend of a lost treasure.

Jade can hardly wait to photograph Kilimanjaro up close - and contemplate Sam Featherstone’s proposal of marriage.

Her main responsibility: keep four women from wandering off into the forest. What could be simpler? But on the eve of departure, the film’s financial backer is killed by a native man who then commits suicide.

The expedition heads, moving higher up on Kilimanjaro and events convince Jade that a killer is still at work among them.

Jade prepares to be tested as never before -- by both natural and supernatural predators.

“Cinematic in its descriptions of Africa, compelling in plot -- this is a true whodunit” - Jay Strafford, Richmond (VA) Times-Dispatch

“…as much a great historical as it is a mystery.” - Harriet Klausner




Madeline and Neville's new coffee drier holds a dead body and the local law in the person of Inspector Finch thinks Jades' beau Sam Featherstone is the perp. If using herself as bait to help capture a leopard is not enough danger, Jade also takes off in Sam's biplane in search of the truth.

“The most dangerous animals in Nairobi circa 1920 are the two-legged kind.” -- Kirkus

“… melds Dinesen's evocation of a bygone Africa with (Agatha) Christie's ability to fashion a sharp whodunit.” - Jay Strafford, Richmond (VA) Times-Dispatch

"Great characters, careful plotting, and an unusually beautiful depiction of Africa." -- Library Journal

“carefully-crafted mystery ... wonderfully suspenseful adventure ... highly recommended” - Romance Readers Connection


"Walter Williams Major Work Award - 2009" - Missouri Writer's Guild


Jade travels to the ancient port city of Tangier in Morocco to meet with her mother, Inez - but the reunion is cut short when Inez is kidnapped and her guide murdered. Join Jade as she traverses haunted underground tunnels, dangerous souks, and the wild and majestic Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

“Gripping intrigue… a spellbinding read.” - Clive Cussler

“rollicking tale of adventure and suspense … stellar” – Library Journal

“a heroine to admire … feisty, smart and likable” – Romantic Times


“… a great female character in an intriguing time and place. Think Tony Hillerman meets the Rift Valley.” -- Barbara Theroux, Fact & Fiction, BookSense Notables


The magnificant elephants of Mount Marsabit in the remoteness of the northern realm of the British Protectorate are in peril - as are Jade's friends - from murderers, ivory poachers, and slave runners. Join Jade near the real-life home of Martin and Osa Johnson on Lake Paradise.

“Jade ... returns to Africa in 1920 for her second adventure, and I do mean adventure … I've never wanted to go to Africa, but reading this series may make me change my mind … wonderful, inspiring book.” -- Mary Mason, Deadly Pleasures

"a page turner of a mystery ... fans of Ernest Hemingway and Agatha Christie alike will find this second tale of Jade's exploits a ripping good yarn.” -- Jay Strafford, Richmond (VA) Times-Dispatch


"Best Novel" - 2006 Missouri Writer's Guild


Jade encounters the magic of Africa as she searches for the missing brother of her lost lover and the murderer of his father in the first of the series. Killer lions, hyenas, and African sorcery are only a few of the problems that Jade faces in the land of the man-eaters of Tsavo.

“… a heroine who's no ordinary Gibson girl.” -- Publisher’s Weekly

"One of the most memorable mystery adventure stories I've read in a long time." -- Douglas Preston

"an enjoyable romp through a colorful place and period in which the heroine has a Douglas-Fairbanks-in-a-split-skirt-charm ...” -- Kirkus